Matthew Vaughn Accepts Mark Millar’s THE SECRET SERVICE

With any luck, it's yet another "Terrorists take over The White House" movie.

Matthew Vaughn is determined to direct comic book movies, it seems. His next film will be The Secret Service, an adaptation of a comic written by Mark Miller and drawn by Dave Gibbons. I've never heard of it, and the little synopsis on Deadline isn't very helpful: "The drama closely follows the comic, about a veteran secret agent who leads a young protege into the shadowy business."

That could be anything, though it is likely this will host tons of foul language and gratuitous violence, so it will probably be an R-rated anything. My brief research into the project confirms at least one bottle broken over someone's face. That's worth a ticket all by itself.

Whatever it is, there must be something pretty exciting about the project for Vaughn to skip X-Men: Days of Future Past (his passing on that project is probably more complicated than that, but he's owned the rights to The Secret Service for a long time now). Vaughn has been working on this far back enough that he and writing partner Jane Goldman have reportedly already completed the script. So he's a fan.

Fox just won the distribution rights and really wants this one to get going fast. Filming is set for August with a hopeful 2014 release date. In the meantime, let's all review/spoil/condemn the comic in the comments.