THE WOLVERINE Trailers Aren’t So Good

They're still better than those posters.

I'm not feeling this at all. It's nice to see a Jean Grey cameo (presumably a flashback), and some of the fight set pieces look cool. I like when that lady peels her face off. But mostly this just looks overwhelmingly dull, the sort of maudlin self-seriousness that entertains only the trenchcoat crowd. 

I can't speak to what other people like about Logan/Wolverine. The only X-men comics I've read are Joss Whedon's Astonishing run, so I'm hardly an expert. But from those books and from the first films, what I liked about Wolverine is his gruff, wry deprecation. He's seen it all, so it's hard to impress or depress him. (Or oppress him. Or repress him.) He's this weirdly honorable iconoclast. This trailer (and X-Men Origins: Wolverine) makes him look like a sadsack. He wants to die already! But now he's not healing! That's what happens when you die, homeboy. 

The above is the domestic trailer. Below is the international one, which is slightly better. A little more action-packed, a little less po-faced:

I don't know, maybe I'm just grouchy this morning, or maybe I've been put off by those eye-bruising posters. What do you guys think?