Where And Why To Get WRONG This Weekend

Where to catch Quentin Dupieux's hilariously delirious WRONG, which finally hits theaters this Friday!

Quentin Dupieux's Wrong, a hilariously delirious journey into the absurd, hits theaters this Friday and is already available on iTunes. The movie centers on Dolph, a man who has lost his beloved dog and encounters a barrage of bizarro human roadblocks including a feces-hunting pet detective (Eastbound And Down’s Steve Little) and a ponytailed, face-scarred guru (a flat-out brilliant William Fichtner).

In anticipation of this week's release, a handful of exclusive clips have hit the internet and they display Wrong's unique comedic absurdism and daymare logic. Entertainment Weekly premiered a sequence featuring a mysterious force speaking through a French-Mexican gardner and Movies.com's clip shows a dazed exchange between Dolph and his lying, jogging-addicted neighbor. Early reviews have also begun to pile in and perhaps the best comes from Andrew O'hehir at Salon who calls the film "a demented, surrealist near-masterpiece," while also suggesting that Wrong is "surrealist in the old-fashion sense, the sense employed by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí." 

A list of theaters and markets showing Wrong on Friday are listed below:

ATLANTA - Plaza Theater - Tickets

AUSTIN - Alamo Drafthouse Village/Lake Creek/Slaughter Lane - Tickets

CHICAGO - Facets - Opens 3/29 - Tickets

COLUMBUS, OH - Gateway Film Center - Tickets

DENVER - Sie Theater - Tickets

DENVER - Alamo Drafthouse Littleton - Tickets

HOUSTON - Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park - Tickets

ITHACA, NY - Cinemapolis - Tickets

KANSAS CITY - Alamo Drafthouse Main St - Opens 3/29 - Tickets

LOS ANGELES - Cinefamily w/ Quentin Dupieux Q&A - Tickets

MIAMI - O Cinema - Tickets

NEW YORK CITY - Cinema Village - Tickets

PHOENIX- Harkins Valley Art - Tickets

SAN FRANCISCO - Roxie Theatre - Tickets

WINCHESTER- Alamo Drafthouse - Tickets

& more cities and expansion dates (including Seattle and Portland) here.