Are You Watching NATHAN FOR YOU?

Comedy Central's astonishingly good new series takes on THE BACHELOR tonight.

I'm not really sure how to describe Nathan For You. It's not a hidden camera show, because the cameras are right out in the open. It's not quite a prank show. It's an aggressive satire on our culture, but it's using real people to make that satire. And at the center of it all is Nathan Fielder's incredibly deadpan personality. 

Maybe the best way to get you to know what the show is is to share this clip, from tonight's episode. Nathan creates a fake dating show, The Hunk, in an effort to meet girls. But this isn't just Joe Schmoe all over again - Nathan quickly realizes that the host they've hired for his fake show is way, way more handsome than he is, and that's trouble.

Nathan For You actually went viral before it ever even aired. One of the episodes had Nathan trying to help a petting zoo increase business, and so he staged a piglet rescuing a goat from a pond. The video of that moment hit the web and exploded, even being covered as NEWS by ABC and NBC. He made some local headlines when he convinced a Burbank gas station to offer gas for under $2 - after rebate. The rebate was impossible to collect, but the episode is astonishing as Fielder takes the potential rebatees on a multi-hour hike and overnight camping trip. 

Nathan For You airs tonight on Comedy Central!