Matthew McConaughey’s Abs Could Be Going INTERSTELLAR

If his character runs into any fem-aliens, he's going to do our species proud.

This isn't a done deal or anything, but Deadline is reporting that Christopher Nolan has offered the lead role for his upcoming film, Interstellar, to full-time awesomehouse Matthew McConaughey. This should come as no surprise to anyone who saw any of the 5,000 incredible Matthew McConaughey performances from 2012. It's time for McConaughey to be a movie star again, as much as anyone is a movie star these days.

McConaughey could say no, but why would he? Few directors are bigger right now than Christopher Nolan. And not only is this a Christopher Nolan joint, written by himself and his brother Jonathan, but it was once a potential Steven Spielberg joint. So it has some serious science fiction bonafides.

What's it about? Wormholes! Here's what Deadline has to say on the matter:

The ambition is a film that will depict a heroic interstellar voyage to the farthest borders of our scientific understanding.

Wow. That's pretty far. I was going to go down the street to get some food earlier but didn't because it would have taken too long. This is even further than that.

Whatever Interstellar is, awesomeness will likely hounds its heels, especially if McCanaughey takes the role. And not to be a nerd-baither, but I'm so glad Christopher Nolan is all done with his Batman films. While those are fun, even when they're awful, his originals are a lot more intellectually engaging. They're also genuinely dark, which is the best barameter by which we can judge films.