We’re Being Invaded By New IRON MAN 3 Suits

They just keep coming.

This used to be a secret, but now it's kind of a marketing point. Tony Stark will control a whole shit load of Iron Men with his brain at some point in Iron Man 3. Like forty something suits. What's especially cool about this is each suit has its own distinct look, name, and designated utilization. What's not cool is how little of that is likely to come across during the film.

Which is why it's so great they're posting photos beforehand. Now we can ogle the cool suits all we want while imagining the many fun scenarios we're going to put them into once every single one of them become toys.

I don't know if they plan to continue putting out pictures like this until Stark's entire fleet is revealed. But there are six now, which seemed like enough to be worth a post. They're definitely worth a look.

Unless I miss my mark, this is the outer space model, of which we've already seen a version. I love it, though I have a hard time believing Tony Stark would name anything "Gemini." That complaint extends to almost all these, actually. 

Most have already declared this one the "Hulkbuster" armor. The funny thing about that is how unlikely such a thing seems after the incredible bromance Tony Stark and Bruce Banner devloped in The Avengers. Putting together an armor specifically to take down his buddy feels more like a Batman move than Iron Man, the movie version anyway. It's moot since the suit is clearly labeled for "heavy lifting" rather than "Hulk busting." So Stark uses this one when he wants to move a TV or something difficult like that.

This one is supposedly some kind of big artillery ass-kicker. It looks kind of like Tony's regular suit put on The Mask.

You can't see them in this photo, but the "Red Snapper" suit has really big, long arms designed, I guess, for rescuing people. It is also red. So the name is clever. Because it's also a fish (Source: UHF).

I like this one because it looks like a weirdly futuristic mediaeval armor. I'm not really a fan of color. Based on its name and description, "Shotgun" must be capable of very high speeds. Based on how it looks, "Shotgun" must also be capable of hitting walls at very high speeds, which sometimes happens. Hyper Velocity is just one below Ludicrous Velocity, after all.

The Silver Centurion suit is one of the more recognizable Iron Man looks, but it doesn't look like this. Instead, this is just another variation of Stark's normal suit. I'm not sure what "Enhanced Energy Suit" means, exactly, and I'm guessing I never will.

As for the rest of Stark's fleet, will we see more distinguished suits like this, or will generic copies fill out the rest of the ranks? With all this variation it seems a shame there isn't a cartoon in which all these suits hang out and/or fight each other. I'd like to know more about each one and their strengths and limitations. Fans of Iron Man's comic history probably have me long beat in this regard, but I'm a Marvel Noob like that.