Shatner Vs The Gorn: Rematch!

By the way, the reboot universe Gorn looks like shit.

This is a really fun and funny ad for the new Star Trek video game, which takes place in the JJ Abrams rebootverse and brings back the very, very popular species The Gorn. You'll remember The Gorn from The Arena, a brilliant episode of the original Star Trek where Kirk managed to defeat his enemy by creating a crude blunderbuss. 

The new Gorn, by the way, look fucking awful. They also point up the futility of having this be some sort of an alternate universe version of Trek - what could possibly have evolutionarily happened differently in this universe that didn't happen in the main one? I know that we just accepted a Klingon redesign when Star Trek: The Motion Picture came out, but that was at least cool. These new Gorn look like every other over-designed modern ILM monster with too many parts and too much mouth. Get a new fucking design, guys.