Watch A Minute Of UNDER THE DOME Footage

Stephen King's small town thriller hits the screen in June. Check out a preview.

Today CBS delivered a short behind-the-scenes featurette of the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's Under the Dome, airing June 24. We don't see much, but what we do see looks great, including an assurance that many of the effects were created practically. And that's pretty cool, no?

I like the casting here, especially Dean Norris (Breaking Bad's Hank) as Big Jim, the town's Machiavellian blowhard. As the isolation and desperation start to work their way into the residents of Chester's Mill, Big Jim grows ever more diabolical, and it should be really interesting to see Hank Schrader play the power-hungry villain for once instead of playing off him.

I liked most of Under the Dome quite a bit, although the ending is unsurprisingly terrible. (Much, much more terrible than you could even expect.) With Brian K. Vaughan stepping in as executive producer alongside King, Neal Baer and others, I'm going to go ahead and assume that the thirteen episode mini-series will conclude in a more palatable manner. That assumption gives me leave to be excited about this mini-series, even though it's airing on CBS, a network that doesn't generally produce much content designed for discerning viewers.

Am I alone here? Am I deluding myself? Lay it on me.