A Brief Summary Of The GROWN UPS 2 Trailer

Whither art thou, Rob Schneider?

I never saw the first Grown Ups film. I'm betting few of you saw it either. The film was a huge hit with everyday folks, but a massive failure by all other measurements known to man or animal.

So of course they made another one. From what I can tell, Grown Ups 2 is about four pals: Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Kevin James, who are all Grown Ups. But they used to be kids. Back when they were kids, they lived in a small town. Now they must all move back to that small town. Because they are all one giant polysexual family unit and the economy is just in the toilet.

This a small enough town that a loose moose can saunter into your bedroom and piss on your face at a moment's notice. But it's not so small that the townspeople would scoff at hiring a black police officer or employing an all-gay car wash service.

Sounds like paradise. But the kids in this small town are all monsters. Literally. They are a pack of werewolves. That part's not in the trailer, but the pig-nosed one is a dead giveaway. Instead of letting some innocent Grown Ups have fun jumping off a cliff, these monstrous kids force them to jump naked because they want to look at their wieners. Unfortunately, the fattest Grown Up lands on the smallest Grown Up and crushes him. Then the kids make the remaining Grown Ups lick some white dog poop.

I assume the rest of the film will involve the Grown Ups' revenge on the werewolf pack, probably with the help of Sheriff Shaq, who may or may not be a werewolf himself. I can't wait to find out! This surely hilarious ride takes off June 25th. Make sure you don't miss out on all the hot and steamy werewolf revenge action.