THE SAINT Is Going To Be A TV Show Again - Watch The Preview

With Adam Rayner and Eliza Dushku.

Simon Templar is back again some more, the noble thief and detective of  Leslie Charteris' novels who has been portrayed by Roger Moore, Ian Ogilvy, George Sanders, Simon Dutton, Val Kilmer and more. The first of those names, Moore and Ogilvy, produce and co-star in this backdoor pilot of The Saint, which hasn't been picked up by a network yet, although there's interest. 

This time around the suave, high-tech Robin Hood will be played by Adam Rayner, and Eliza Dushku is his ass-kicking Maid Marian, Patricia Holm. Greg Grunberg also stars in the standalone movie that serves as proof of concept for the series, as do Thomas Kretschmann and James Remar. 

Who knows if this will come to pass, but I'm sort of digging it. Lots of high-adrenaline escapades and globe-trotting; lots of Eliza Dushku doing what she does best, which is looking hot as she beats people up. I wouldn't mind checking out a series of this. What about you guys?