ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Season Four Gets Release Date And Teaser Poster

This is looking less and less like a practical joke.

The long awaited fourth season of Arrested Development will hit Netflix all at once on May 26th according to the show's Facebook page. This flies in the face of the May 4th release date we reported in January.

On top of our being wrong about that, this announcement also states there will be fifteen episodes in the season instead of fourteen. Boy, we were fucking up all over the place!

As Devin has already discussed, Arrested Development season four is not going to be just another fifteen linear episodes of funny Internet television. The idea is to binge watch them in any binge order your binge demands. It's totally up to you. And whichever order you choose could add unique spins to your viewing experience. I'm very excited to discover the extent to which this idea manifests itself, particularly since this is a show I already kind of watch randomly rather than in order.

With the news comes this beautiful teaser poster in all its orange glory (I'm color blind, so if it's not actually orange, I apologize):