Gaze At This New WORLD WAR Z Poster

Real Men Kneel When They Pee Off Airplanes

Boy, I just don't know about this World War Z movie. I love the book and long to relish the idea of such a big, mainstream version of the zombie sub genre. But this has long looked weak, and Devin's recent write up of a 20 minute long presentation for journalists doesn't do much to allay that sinking feeling that this will be little more than a weightless, watered-down exercise that we watch once and forget forever.

But this poster is cool. In it, we see Brad Pitt's character doing inventory of the zombie apocalypse just moments before falling out of an airplane. So I guess now we know how the movie ends. Surely this comes AFTER he saves humanity through the power of love.

See for yourself on June 21. There are so many movies coming out around then, I can't help but wonder if this one gets lost in the shuffle.