Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Angry In New THE GREAT GATSBY Trailer

Plus, way more mustached Joel Edgerton action.

I am so torn on Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby. From a narrative standpoint, I don't believe it's possible for me to care less about the film. But I can't deny that it looks visually stunning. To be more specific, making this 3D almost feels like a redundancy. Luhrmann's one of those guys who is totally willing to trade realism for lush cinematic visuals, a choice I usually applaud. Plus, his soundtracks are great, a trend all Gatsby trailers so far have honored.

This trailer has done more than any other Gatsby ad to raise my interest. Even though I feel most of the story will be a chore to sit through, I get the idea there might be enough going on to distract me from my boredom. Most Luhrmann's films make me feel claustrophobic, like people are yelling in my face. This trailer doesn't do that at all. I'm beginning to grow cautiously optimistic.

What do you guys think? Few directors are as divisive as Baz Luhrmann, so opinions are bound to be all over the place. For that reason alone, this film already has value.