Badass Digest Episode 27: Zombies!

Devin takes you on a brief tour of the history of zombie movies.

Shaun of the Dead got cut out of this, as did a discussion of EC Comics. I blame myself only - I bloviate too much for a show that's supposed to come in around ten minutes! 

I think of Badass Digest as an intermediate level website. I expect that the people who visit here know a thing or two about movies. But the Badass Digest With Devin Faraci show? That, in my opinion, is a little more welcoming. And so I decided to do an episode about the history of zombies, something that could possibly teach the legions of Walking Dead fans a thing or two about the genre. 

This episode was shot, without a permit, at a famous Hollywood cemetery. Just about everything you see here was filmed after we had been asked to leave, so you'll note I'm a little... quiet this time. 

Anyway! What's your favorite zombie movie? Are you a slow zombie partisan or a fast zombie partisan? Weigh in below.