CARRIE Remake Trailer Leaves Little To The Imagination

We're all gonna laugh at it!

I'm not the biggest Carrie fan to begin with, but I can't imagine how this trailer for yet another remake would excite anyone. This looks almost exactly like the movie that flashed through my head when I first heard about its casting and existence. That's a bad thing because my imagination sucks.

The timeless nature of this story does lend itself to frequent reiteration, so I don't actually begrudge the remake aspect of this. But the message gets lost when Carrie and her mother appear so relatively normal. Chloë Grace Moretz looks more or less like any other girl and Julianne Moore's God crazy mom seems like she could be a manager at Applebee's. It's as if they're afraid of alienating viewers by giving them legitimate social outcasts. Brian De Palma did not have that hangup.

We also see basically everything we know to expect from Carrie in the trailer. Unless director Kimberly Peirce has some serious left turns in store, this is a case of "Here are all the fun parts for free - come pay to see the boring stuff in between this October!" Instead of building suspense, this trailer offers a visual promise that Carrie will get doused with pig's blood and kill everyone at prom. That seems like a bad tactic for a story that relies on growing dread to keep from being slow and boring.

But she does get doused in pig's blood. So there's that.