Tyler Perry And Oprah Winfrey’s Uncomfortable THE COLOR PURPLE Spoof

Madea and Sofia have a dignity stripping conversation about cable television.

If any of you ever turn into Tyler Perry fans like me, you will find no shortage of instances where Madea starts spouting contextless and random lines from The Color Purple, particularly lines originally said by Oprah Winfrey's Sofia. This is especially true of his stage plays, the Holy Mountain of Tyler Perry fandom, during which the guy has license to ignore reality to whatever extent he pleases.

So one can understand how thrilling it must be for Tyler Perry to actually get to perform a scene with Oprah Winfrey as Sofia saying those lines herself. It's so exciting in fact, that Tyler Perry starts spouting contextless and random lines from The Color Purple just before the commercial ends. The guy just cannot help himself.

There's nothing worse than when someone's impression of a character consists not of the actual character but of the most famous shit that character happened to say gracelessly shoved into a completely different situation. That's all this is, and it's embarrassing. But it involves Tyler Perry, so it's my kind of embarrassing.

Watch for yourself, and weep for your soul. Please know that Madea used to be way funnier than this.