Full Trailer for Soderbergh’s BEHIND THE CANDELABRA Is Unadulterated Glamour

Even the title of HBO's Liberace biopic, starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, is fabulous.

My eyes adore everything about the full trailer for Behind the Candelabra, Soderbergh's Liberace film premiering on HBO May 26. The sequins, the lace, the diamonds, the gold, the fancy cars, the bubbles - this movie looks posh. Rob Lowe's hair and suit and general facial arrangement made me clap my hands with glee. I cheered aloud at "I want you to make Scott look like this."


This is a movie that, according to Soderbergh, studios found "too gay," which means it is automatically one hundred thousand times more awesome than anything currently in theaters. I will be making an event of this premiere next month. I'm going to wear something dazzling and drink champagne from a fringe-trimmed goblet and watch it from my bathtub. Yes, I'm going to wear something dazzling IN my bathtub. That's how excited I am about this movie.