AMC Possibly Retaining Saul Goodman For BREAKING BAD Spinoff

Accidental BREAKING BAD Series Finale Spoiler: Saul lives!

Today is a great day to be me. Not only does this great Dolph Lundgren/Tony Jaa info hit, but Devin's story about a MacGruber 2 basically restores my faith in our cultural future.

This next item isn't quite that good, but it's still pretty close. Deadline reports that AMC (American Movies-Told-In-One-Hour-Increments-&-Also-Kevin-Smith Channel) is considering the idea of a Breaking Bad spinoff featuring Bob Odenkirk's dirty but hilarious lawyer, Saul Goodman. Do you know what this means!? IT MEANS SAUL GOODMAN LIVES!!!

Supposedly, the spinoff comes from Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and "Better Call Saul" writer Peter Gould, so this likely won't lead to a complete bastardization of why we love the character in the first place. But then again, The Merry Wives of Windsor wasn't written by some hacky Globe Theater intern.

One thing that's certain: Bob Odenkirk is one of the best (and most underrated) comedy actors I have ever seen. I think he's way better than David Cross, and Davis Cross is pretty high end as well. Saul is a character he obviously enjoys playing, too. That's important because the other thing about Bob Odenkirk is that he's really rough on himself professionally. That this is even an option speaks to its high quality prospects.

In other words, this and the MacGruber 2 thing better happen.