Anne Hathaway A Possible Lead For Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLAR

When there's a Hathawill, there's a Hathaway.

How stellar is Anne Hathaway? We don't know yet, but if the word at Deadline pans out, the answer could be: Inter. Even if you, for some weird reason, think Anne Hathaway is only mildly stellar, your opinion is very likely to soon be turned into bullshit. Anne Hathaway's interstellar-ness will become absolute. Because you can't be a pretty person in a movie called Interstellar without actually being interstellar. Look at Matthew McConaughey. Does anyone out there want to dispute that his interstellar-ness? I thought not.

So we know Anne Hathaway is a good actress. We know she can be good in Christopher Nolan movies. We know Christopher Nolan is a good director. We know Matthew McConaughey is a good actor. We DON'T know if Matthew McConaughey can be good in Christopher Nolan movies. We just have to take that one on faith. And finally, we don't know if Anne Hathaway's potential character will be McConaughey's daughter, lover, or (this being a Christopher Nolan film) his fellow human.

Since the film isn't even close to shooting yet, it'll be a while until we find out. Precedent does, however, indicate that this will be a movie to see regardless of what it's about or how good it's eventual trailers look. So don't even bother reading anything about it.