Stupid POINT BREAK Remake Now Imminent

What the shit.

So there's a director out there named Ericson Core. Despite his title, he is a human being and not an electronic device. He directed a film called Invincible, which I know only for the top-shelf It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia episode it inspired. Had everyone told me it was one of the greatest directed sports movies ever, I might have given it a chance. But no one said such a thing.

This guy is now going to direct a remake of Point Break. I try not to be too down on remakes, but I just don't see what's to gain from this. Kathryn Bigelow's film works only due to a magical combination of stupid shit so cheesy that it overcomes its own cheesiness. Movies don't have the balls to be that earnest anymore, especially bland cash-grab remakes.

If you've ever seen xXx, The Fast and the Furious, or a youtube complication of skateboarders falling on their own balls, you can basically imagine this entire film in your head right now. They're going with extreme sports rather than surfing. Did you hear me: THEY'RE GOING WITH EXTREME SPORTS RATHER THAN SURFING.

They're -

They’re setting the remake in the world of international extreme sports, and an undercover FBI agent infiltrates a criminal ring.

So it's not even really Point Break. PBINO, yo.