Chinese Theaters Halt & Pull DJANGO UNCHAINED From Screens

At least they got to see the opening credits.

Twitch Film recently reported that the Chinese version of Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained would feature a more "muted" version of the film's very awesome blood work.

Now they report (sourced to FilmBiz Asia) that the film has been pulled from Chinese screens altogether the very day of its opening. Literally the film ran for a few minutes, then suddenly stopped.

Chinese cinema chains blame some sort of technical difficulty for the film's post-sudden withdrawal from theaters, but moviegoers are alive with speculation. Most think it has to do with Jamie Foxx's exposed junk. Insert a million Asian penis envy jokes here.

That Django Unchained would be too dirty for China, where every breath of air is basically a pack of Newports, makes sense since every film they show needs to be suitable for children (even 3D erotic epics, I guess?).

What's weird is the film's very late exit, as though Chinese film officials failed to watch the film before giving it the okay. The idea is that Foxx-junk cuts were demanded but never executed.

We may never have a proper explanation for this international tragedy. In the meantime, try imagining what it would be like to go see the new Quentin Tarantino film only to have it pulled mere minutes after it begins. Unfathomable.