THE HANGOVER PART III Trailer Road Trips To Rehab

The best part of this trailer is the word "finale."

The new full trailer for The Hangover Part III takes the Wolf Pack (sigh) to New Horizons after an intervention for Zach Galifianakis' Alan. So I appreciate that the format shakes things up a bit, as the trailer for The Hangover Part II looked virtually exactly like the trailer for The Hangover. Of course, there's still a wacky animal (multiple! A giraffe and some roosters), and still far too much of Ken Jeong's ancient shtick, but at least John Goodman's here to class up the joint. 

A couple parts of this trailer actually made me chuckle, which is the other difference between this and Part II. Even so, I'm mostly just glad this is all ending. They promised in the trailer! "The epic finale of the Wolf Pack Trilogy." The Wolf Pack Trilogy, you guys. At last, a trilogy for the bros among us who have been woefully underrepresented in pop culture. Thank you, Todd Phillips, man of the people.