Meet Three New THE LONE RANGER Characters Via Their Character Posters

Some of them might even make it into the film.

I'm not big on Gore Verbinski's upcoming The Long Ranger film. Much as I like Verbinski's dark humor and willingness to get knee-deep in dirt and grime, I've yet to see anything from this that doesn't look like a 2+ hour guitar solo.

Now we have these three character posters which muddy the waters a bit. Each comes with its own little character description, useful since the none of this film's trailers have cared to fill us in much on story.

First there's the girl I swore was Anna Paquin but is actually Luther's Ruth Wilson as Rebecca Reid:

Meet Rebecca Reid. She’s made for finer things, yet possesses the grit and independence of a frontierswoman. Her spirit is caught between two men: her husband Dan, and his younger brother, John.

Next up is Helena Bonham Carter's Red Harrington:

Meet Red Harrington. The dramatically coiffed, straight-talking, ivory-legged proprietor of a mobile establishment of lavish entertainments.

And finally William Fichtner as Butch Cavendish:

Meet Butch Cavendish. A ruthless outlaw whose terribly scarred face is a perfect reflection of the bottomless pit that passes for his soul.

It's this last poster which gives my Lone Ranger pessimism pause. I love me some William Fichtner, though I can barely recognize him here. Regardless of who's playing the character, Cavendish's filthy visage finally gives this film a bit of that edge Verbinski usually offers. I highly doubt Fichtner has the power to save a bad film all by himself (though he has come close in the past), but at least his poster gives me an opportunity to end this article on a semi-positive note.