This one spoils the death of everyone.

Star Trek Into Darkness keeps throwing posters at us. This one continues the film's EVERYTHING IS FUCKED promotional angle. Supposedly, this is going to be yet another fun J.J. Abrams action adventure, but nearly everything we've seen from it sells nothing but wanton destruction and death and the mystery man at the center: "Kaan" (purposefully misspelled so J.J. Abrams can later say, "Ha! I told y'alls it wasn't Khan!").

Here we have no less than the fall of the Enterprise. It sure is epic. I'm just a little bit worried that in its mad rush to emulate not only The Wrath of Khan but every other genre blockbuster that isn't The Avengers lately, Star Trek Into Darkness might be a little bit of a bummer.

What do you guys think? Not to get hyperbolic, but this blatancy of this image is almost humorous. Might as well go all out and show us a picture of a guy pointing a missile at a cute puppy.