First HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE Trailer Ups The Conflict Big Time

Now they're coming for Woody Harrelson!

I wasn't a very big fan of the first Hunger Games movie. But this sequel looks kind of awesome. The focus on Donald Sutherland's nefarious political machinations, combined with the new evil of Philip Seymour Hoffman (a mountain of malice compared to Wes Bentley's molehill of scary-beard), combined with more civil unrest, combined with less (but a more badass) Katnipp overall makes it all seem much more epic and exciting.

But then they bring the hammer down with the announcement that not even drunk Woody Harrelson is safe. Look, I know this isn't going to turn into a series about how a drunk Woody Harrelson must relearn to become a badass to save his own skin. But this trailer lets me pretend it is. And that's really all that matters.

I honestly have no idea what happens in this story. I don't know if there's another Hunger Game or what. It's not the kind of thing I feel strongly enough about to avoid spoilers even. But this trailer really does make me want to watch Catching Fire, something the whole first movie kind of talked me out of. I guess you can tell me in the comments whether or not I'm kidding myself. In the meantime, I'll let my hopes climb up a couple notches.