How Many STAR WARS Corsets Are There On Etsy?

So many. 

I've somehow wandered into a vortex of weird on Etsy: a flooded market of Star Wars-inspired corsets. I thought it would be prudent to share with you here at BAD, in case that special someone has a birthday coming up and you want to show her how much you care. A diamond may be forever, but a Star Wars corset is...also forever.

Boba Fett and Storm Trooper corsets, from Damsel in this Dress:

A Padmé-inspired corset gown, from Grimildesmirror:

Vintage Star Wars fabric corset, as seen modeled here, by JupiterMoon3:

Comics corset, by ElevenThirtyEight:

R2D2 corset, from Castle Corsetry:

Better R2D2 Corset, by Pendragon Costumes

Han corset, by BongaChopShop

Darth corset top, from Smarmy Clothes

Oh jeez. From Castle Corsetry

Bonus! Corset coozie, from Java Cafe

And those are just the best of the bunch. The answer to the question "How many Star Wars corsets are there on Etsy?" is clear: too many, my friends. Too many.