It’s Khan vs The Blur Tool In New STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Poster

Paramount's latest TREK character poster digs deep into the Photoshop effects. 

Paramount has begun releasing character posters from Star Trek Into Darkness, with the latest being 'John Harrison.' Who, in the coming weeks, will be revealed to you all as Khan. 

Looking at that poster you have to wonder what sort of a movie Paramount is selling. The answer: not a space movie. Paramount has been very upfront about this in recent weeks - the space stuff doesn't do as well overseas, and overseas is where they're looking to make money.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The studio is promoting the fact that much of Into Darkness takes place on Earth -- not in space. "In many places, we did extensive research to find out what we should showcase," explains president of international distribution Anthony Marcoly. "Overseas, we've tried to get away from the Trekkiness of it all."

Brilliant. Getting away from the Trekkiness of it. Which is why the 'John Harrison' poster looks like it's from a generic action movie of some sort. Booooring.

I do hope the movie explains why Cumberbatch has Kramer's hair, though. Is that part of Khan's super-genetics?