Meet General Zod In This Strange MAN OF STEEL TV Spot

Not the universe's most successful broadcaster.

For a while, has been displaying a bunch of static, which last night finally turned into this scrambled message from General Zod. The viral ad also played at last night's MTV Movie Awards, which raises Zod's chances of actually reaching Superman's attention by 0.02%.

The message itself is pretty interesting as it teases for the first time the physical adversity Superman faces in this film. I love that Zod is seeking Superman out rather than flying around ordering people to kneel before him. I'm also fond of how Zod plays nice with us humans, but as soon as he addresses Superman, he's like "I'm going to fuck up these humans."

Michael Shannon doesn't speak with any funny inflections, which is kind of the comic book movie villain fad right now. I hope that doesn't disappoint too many people. The guy's Michael Shannon. That should be enough.

Meanwhile, head over to to find a countdown, which apparently will reach zero after 48 hours and probably reveal a new trailer when it does. Or you could just not know anything about that and watch the trailer when a million movie websites share it. Your call.