Things are looking bad for the crew of the Enterprise, and possibly movie audiences.

The latest trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness is here, and it's filled with sturm, plus some drang. It's a little heavy handed on the grim - Captain Kirk just looks so bummed out the whole time - but it doesn't downplay space as much as we feared. 

There's still a ton of stuff being held back. This trailer does give some peeks into the true story of Into Darkness, with Kirk saying some event could lead to total war, and with the Enterprise facing off against a totally black stealth starship. Benedict Cumberbatch's Khan gets some pretty good lines as well. 

What do you guys think? Does this trailer get the juices pumping? Are you psyched for this grittier version of Star Trek? Or is this all marketing magic, and the movie's actual tone will not be anything like this at all? Weigh in below.