Fun ZOMBIELAND Trailer For Fun-Looking ZOMBIELAND Pilot

Watch whichever one you have time for.

Mr. Television hit it big with the nasty, depressing, gory, and occasionally grating antics of The Walking Dead, so now it's time to try the fun version with a television adaptation of 2009's comedy Zombieland.

Instead of Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Little Miss Sunshine, the Zombieland pilot stars lower-grade replacements Tyler Ross, Kirk Ward, Maiara Walsh, and Little Orphan Annie. Instead of Bill Murray, this crew shot up Treat Williams.

The trailer above is for the pilot, which you can watch on Amazon right now for free. From what I understand, this is not a done deal yet. So if you want to see more, you must gather your friends and make a big stink out of it. perhaps with a petition, or you could maybe raise a season's budget on Kickstarter. Whatever you decide, do it quick because the fate of this potential show is in your hands.

I thought the original movie was funny enough, even beyond my deep Eisenberg issues. This looks just as funny, if slightly less charismatic. Still, there's no Eisenberg, so maybe it's a step up, overall.

Zombieland was supposed to have been a television show in the first place, so this could actually be the universe going in for a bit of course correction, in which case we'd best stay out of the way and hope for the best.

If the trailer adequately entices you, watch the real deal here.