HEMLOCK GROVE Red Band Trailer Is Bitchin’

There's a lot of NSFW magic in these two minutes.

The red band trailer for Eli Roth's new Netflix original series Hemlock Grove is live, and it's gross, and I love it. It's got that kitchen sink horror approach of American Horror Story, with werewolves and gypsies and possessions and sex all mingled together in one really pretty package. It also has the always popular "teenage girl is killed in a small town full of secrets" vibe that's worked for Twin Peaks and Veronica Mars, and that should have worked for The Killing had that show not taken a turn for the remarkably stupid. (To be fair, Seattle isn't small. Maybe that's why it failed.)

I'm a fan of Eli Roth - I think he's often a misunderstood director. I think Cabin Fever is spectacular, and I really, really like Hostel and Hostel II. And longtime TV vet Deran Sarafian directs several of the first season's episodes, which might help with Roth's transition to TV. 

The series also stars some serious badasses, with Famke Janssen, Lili Taylor and Dougray Scott joining Bill Skarsgård (Alexander's somehow even more impossibly beautiful brother) and others. The book's based on the horror novel by Brian McGreevy, which I haven't read but just added to my Kindle, so I guess I'll be reading it concurrently along with the series premiere on April 19. Look for a review of the first few episodes on Monday!

Anyone out there read the books? You guys planning to marathon-watch this weekend?