Listen To Devin Get Up Off This

Your faithful Badass-in-chief guests on a new podcast from Matt Robinson and Jensen Karp.

Get Up On This is a popular podcast hosted by Jensen Karp - who spends his days running Gallery 1988 - and Matt Robinson - who spends his days writing screenplays and playing boardgames. The premise of the show is that guests bring things that they think people should be getting into more, stuff they want to expose to a wider audience. 

Now there's Get Up Off This, which is exactly the opposite. Matt takes the reins on this show, and the premise is that the duo and their guest talk about things that are inexplicably popular, overhyped, and just plain terrible. And since they wanted to start off the show with a bang, they brought me on as the first guest. 

In this episode I implore people to get up off the following things:


Bioshock Infinite 

and JJ Abrams. 

I can hear the outrage from here. Click this link to listen to the episode (it's technically episode 86 of Get Up On This). If you're already a subscriber, the Get Up Off This episodes will be auto-delivered to your feed!