Patton Oswalt’s Improvised, Uncut STAR WARS VII Pitch Is Genius

See the uncut version of his geeky filibuster from Thursday's PARKS AND RECREATION.

Oh jeezy chreezy, I love Patton Oswalt. This guy is a miracle. So here's what's up, according to the standard title sequence followed by the not-quite-John-Williams fanfare, released by Parks and Recreation's producers in anticipation of Thursday's episode.

This Thursday, Patton Oswalt appears on “Parks and Recreation” as a man who launches a filibuster to prevent a city council vote. The producers asked him to ramble a bit about whatever subject he wanted. What follows is one continuous take of that scene – 100% improvised.

Sorry this isn’t the real John Williams music, but that’s crazy expensive.

So this is eight minutes of Patton improvising a brilliantly insane Star Wars VII plot proposal which also manages to tie in Thanos from The Avengers and all of the Greek gods from Clash and Wrath of the Titans. I mean, the dude starts strong, with "the gloved Mandalorian armor gauntlet of Boba Fett" reaching out of the sarlacc pit. It only gets better after we meet an "older and grizzled and really, like, focused and cool, like he’s seen some really bad stuff" Han Solo tossing the severed head of Chewy on the floor - but don't worry! Chewbacca will come back as a spider-bodied robot in the post-credits scene!

Seriously, watch until the very end. It's amazing. And watch snippets of his brilliance on Thursday's ep of Parks and Recreation on NBC!