THE LONE RANGER Now All Out Of Chances To Look Good

More trains and broken English and trains.

It probably wasn't a good idea to release a trailer for this summer's most egregiously bland tentpole not even a full day after Man of Steel kicked our asses and made us cry like fat grownup-sized babies.

But even if this were the only movie coming out all year it still wouldn't be worth much excitement. I've lost track of The Lone Ranger trailers, but a whopping zero have offered me anything to look forward to, save maybe for slightly fun turns from Barry Pepper and William Fichtner. This is supposedly the final one, so there doesn't seem to be any footage out there to save it.

Am I being too mean to Johnny Depp, Gore Verbinski and the hard boiled egg playing the Long Ranger? You tell me. It certainly happens. In the meantime, watch this trailer and tell me how to distinguish it from Jonah Hex or Wild Wild West because I can't really tell.