Another 21 JUMP STREET Headed Your Way Next Year

The movie, not the address.

If you really loved the Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill remake of 21 Jump Street - and based on my frequent unofficial social media surveys, you did - this news should make you Jump Street for joy.

Sony confirmed at CinemaCon that a sequel is totally going to happen, and they hope to have it out by 2014, which means it's likely to start shooting this fall.

Almost nothing further is known about the sequel, making it open season for fan casting, slash fiction, and story outline guesses. Go to town. Don't want Channing Tatum in the film? Replace him with The Rock. Hate Jonah Hill? Fine. Replace him with Chris Farely. Think they should both be played by Johnny Depp? It's your world.

I will remain on the sidelines with all the other nerds and twerps who thought 21 Jump Street was too long and too concerned with being a real movie with a real emotional core. We will probably see this sequel because the first was way too funny to ignore. But we will be skeptical and therefore will not imagine Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill getting it on with quite the same passion. Woe is us.