WEIRD SCIENCE Latest Fodder For Ravenous Remake Machine

The John Hughes comedy goes R-rated this time.

Some of you guys are going to shit yourselves over this: the John Hughes remakes have begun. The first down: Weird Science, the movie where Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith* make Kelly LeBrock on an Apple IIe or something. It's getting reimagined as a raunchier, R-rated comedy to be written by Michael Bacall. Bacall, you'll recall, wrote Project X and 21 Jump Street and co-wrote Scott Pilgrim vs The World

I'm not a huge Hughes fan, and Weird Science already had a terrible TV series, so this isn't exactly holy writ to me. I'm actually the guy who thinks The Breakfast Club should be remade by every generation, so what do I know. Making the film R-rated is interesting, but I do hope it's not quite as crypto-sexist as Project X.

Brian Lynch, screen and comic writer, actually tweeted just about the single best pitch possible for this movie: two nerdy girls make Channing Tatum on their iMac. That's a movie I would be really excited to see. Or maybe they could make Robert Downey Jr, bringing the whole thing full circle back to the original.

* who left acting to pursue a career in medieval studies!