Badass Digest Episode 29: GALAXY QUEST

An ode to one of the great underrated comedies of our time: Dean Parisot's GALAXY QUEST!

And here we are, featuring a Tim Allen movie. 

If you're a regular at this site i have a sneaking suspicion you're going to agree with the video above, where I name Galaxy Quest one of the most underrated movies of the last two decades. This spoof/homage of Star Trek manages to skewer fandom perfectly while also being a huge love letter to nerds and scifi in general. And Tim Allen does a great version of Asshole William Shatner!

How much do I love Galaxy Quest? I've programmed it as the Badass Digest Presents screening for May in all Alamo Drafthouse markets. We'll have exact dates and on-sale information in the coming days. You should definitely come see Galaxy Quest on the big screen - it's a blast with an audience. But if you don't live near an Alamo Drafthouse and have not yet seen Galaxy Quest... what are you waiting for? The film is available on home video right now. By Grabthar's Hammer, get to it!