Evan Discusses Rob Zombie On THE GOLDEN BRIEFCASE Podcast

Evan thinks it's weird to refer to himself in the third person.

Over at First Showing, they have a movie podcast called The Golden Briefcase hosted by Tim Buel and Jeremy Kirk. It's a pretty good one with a kind of strict but fun structure. Each week they invite a special guest, and the names they get are a veritable who's who of fun online film writers. I can prove it: Our own Brian Collins appears just a couple week's ago. If Brian's on a podcast, you should always check it out.

This week I appeared on the show, drunk and lispy and over-excited as usual. We talk about Rob Zombie, mostly, but like with all my podcast appearances, things get weird and probably more than a little off-topic.

Have a listen to see if I'm as big of a snarky asshole in real life as I am here.

And by the way, if any of you BAD readers are in the Minneapolis area, I'm presenting Bad Boys 2 live as Sam Strange at the Mall of America. That will be on Thursday, April 25. And a week after that, I'm doing a two week stint in Branson, Missouri with Professional Funnybone Tickler Ray Stevens. After that I'm hitting Vegas where my face will be punched in by Ray Stevenson.