Will Ferrell And Jack Black Are Up For A Game Of TAG

In the game of Tag, you win or you die. Or your mom calls you home early.

I'm fairly certain that the moment in Anchorman I have spent the most laughs on would have to be the brief scene between Jack Black and Will Ferrell. It's not so much that these two funny guys are at their funniest when together. It has more to do with the fact that Jack Black punts Ron Burgandy's dog off a bridge in a fit of anger.

But both these guys are funny, so maybe putting them together isn't the dumbest idea in the world, even if it's for a film about Tag, a game you only play if you're young, have no toys, or totally need to humiliate the fat kid.

Tag Brothers will be based on a Wall Street Journal article about a game of Tag that's been going on for 23 years between nine guys. Every February, this gang goes on a month long vacation where they travel the world in an effort to tag one another.

Somehow, this is going to be a comedy rather than perhaps one of the more punishing dramas ever made. When I first heard the story, I was hoping for actors like Daniel Day Lewis and Sean Penn. But no.

The film's script will be written by Mark Steilen, and Ferrell and Black can still walk away if they don't approve of the writing. I sincerely cannot fathom that being an issue. If it does go ahead, I wonder if the film will include the other seven guys or morph them into a more manageable number. Because games of Tag never really work when there are too many people running around. It's too hard for everyone to know who's it.

By the way, this news is exclusive to The Wrap. Their article comes with a Hollywood power ranking for Will Farrell. He is currently the 116th most powerful person in Tinseltown with a PowerScore of 88.98. If you ever want to hang out with him or anything, be polite and wait until he's at least a 35.65.