See The Trailer For Keanu Reeves’ MAN OF TAI CHI

It looks okay!

This weekend the first trailer for Man of Tai Chi went live, the directorial debut of one mister Keanu Reeves. It looks like pretty standard fare, and I can't say my interest is piqued quite yet. In June Reeves posted a solid proof of concept trailer using a new motion control camera rig called the Bot & Dolly, and while that all seemed intriguing, Reeves recently said that they couldn't use the camera after all: 

"It was tough. It was just too big and too much. We had to ship it to China. All sorts of practical consideration ran into the vision and the dream," he said. "It certainly influenced the way that we went forward in terms of shooting some of the fight scenes in terms of the organicness and movement of how we shot some of the fight scenes. I just couldn't go on top. [laughs] I couldn't do an overhead shot with no cut into a close up."

So now who knows. I guess this could still be cool. Although he's not popping up in the trailer (weird, right?), The Raid's Iko Uwais is in the film, and I can get behind that. Reeves looks great, as young and handsome as he did in Speed, so that's nice. Are any of you super into this movie, or does the actual teaser not live up to the proof of concept trailer?