It’s Official: Daredevil Belongs To Marvel Studios

Ponder no more: Matt Murdock is truly back home.

There was this whole kerfuffle with Fox's attempt to make another Daredevil movie. You'll remember that Joe Carnahan was on it, and he had this very specific concept of what to do with the reboot and he released his 'proof of concept' trailers online and yadda yadda. But there was, to the layman, some confusion - the byzantine details of the licensing of Marvel characters never made a ton of sense to us, and while it seemed like Fox's rights to Daredevil had lapsed, nobody issued a press release or anything, so it was anybody's guess. 

Not anymore! At the press conference for Iron Man 3 Kevin Feige, chief honcho banana of Marvel Studios, made it clear: Daredevil is back in the fold. His quote when asked if reports that rights to Dardevil had reverted to Marvel were correct was:


I wasn't at the press conference, but man, you gotta ask a follow-up on one like that. Just yell out the follow-up. And that follow-up has to be, 'What are your plans for Daredevil now that he's back in your arsenal?"

Realistically, Marvel probably has no plans. I spoke with Feige yesterday and the Marvel dance card is full through 2016. If the Agents of SHIELD show works, it's not impossible that Daredevil could get his own TV series - he's perfectly TV level - but I suspect that he'll be sort of stuck in limbo. Maybe somebody will name drop Matt Murdock as a lawyer in The Avengers 2, but I wouldn't expect to see ol' Hornhead showing up anytime soon.