JODOROWSKY’S DUNE To Premiere At Cannes

Along with a new Jodo movie!

It's been over 20 years since Alejandro Jodorowsky made a movie. Now the surrealist master is returning to cinemas with a film called The Dance of Reality, and it's going to be playing at the Director's Fortnight at Cannes. If that wasn't good enough news, he's bringing his old pal Devin Faraci along for the ride.

Sort of. See, alongside The Dance of Reality, Cannes will premiere a new documentary called Jodorowsky's Dune, a feature length film that explores Jodo's attempt to adapt Frank Herbert's classic scifi novel. And one of the people interviewed in that film is none other than your faithful Badass-in-Chief, me. I haven't seen the picture yet, but I've been told it's very good, so I guess I didn't ruin the whole thing. 

Sadly I won't be on the Croisette to see either of the movies, but what an exciting one-two punch: a new Jodo film and a movie featuring my fat head playing at Cannes. The rest of the Director's Fortnight is pretty solid, by the way. I liked Magic Magic a lot when I saw it at Sundance, and I'm pretty surprised to see Jim Mickle's cannibal remake We Are What We Are on the list. There's a new film from Marcel Ophuls - yes, the director of The Sorrow and the Pity, his first in 18 years - as well as the feature debut from talented short filmmaker Ruairi Robinson, Last Days On Mars. Sounds like a great line-up for all you snooty motherfuckers who will be attending the fest. 

Here's the full Director's Fortnight:

"Above the Hill" (Raphael Nadjari)


"Apres la nuit" (Basil Da Cunha)

"Les Apaches" (Thierry De Peretti)


"Blue Ruin" (Jeremy Saulnier)

"The Congress" (Ari Folman)


"The Dance of Reality" (Alejandro Jodorwosky)

"L’escale" (Kaveh Bakhtiari)


"La Fille du 14 juillet" (Antonin Peretjako)

"Henri" (Yolande Morau)


"Iloilo" (Anthony Chen)

"Jodorowsky’s Dune" (Frank Pavich)


"Last Day on Mars" (Ruairi Robinson)

"Magic Magic" (Sebastian Silva)


"Me Myself and Mum" (Guillaume Gallienne)

"On the Job" (Erik Matti)


"The Selfish Giant" (Clio Barnard)

"The Summer of the Flying Fish" (Marcela Said)


"Tip Top" (Serge Bozon)

"Ugly" (Anurag Kashyap)


"Un voyageur" (Marcel Ophuls)

"We Are What We Are" (Jim Mickle)