Justin Bieber As King Joffrey

The reigning tyrant of pop imagined as the reigning tyrant of the Seven Kingdoms. 

As Justin Bieber continues his pre-20s meltdown - drug use, bad behavior, ownership of a contested monkey - we truly see his dark side taking control. He was once a sweet, home schooled Christian boy from Canada but now he's dressing like a stroke victim's rememberance of the 80s and making his fans mad by starting his shows an hour late. He may also be porking some Disney Channel starlets; I honestly have lost touch with this portion of the culture completely and I barely have a clue. 

Anyway, thanks to SXSW's Rebecca Feferman for tweeting a link to the Tumblr called Bieber Joffrey, which does one simple thing - put Justin Bieber's head on the body of Game of ThronesKing Joffrey. The boy tyrant from our world superimposed upon the boy tyrant from Westeros. Two of history's greatest monsters, brought together. It's kind of perfect. 

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