Are You Ready For A SCREAM TV Show?

A TV show about being a TV show about being a TV show.

In service of being as meta as possible, it makes sense that Scream would turn into a franchise in spite of all logic and sense. We can argue all day about which sequel is worse (I find each one more awful than the one before), but I doubt anyone would say they like part two, three, or four more than the original. (If this is you, make a case! I'd love to hear it.)

Now it looks like Scream is going further down the rabbit hole to a place few horror franchises think to venture: Television. Music Television, to be specific. Music Television that isn't actually music television, to be even more specific than that.

According to THR, MTV has ordered a pilot for a Scream television series. This isn't the first time such an idea has come to light, but it's all official and really happening now. They're even trying to get Wes Craven to direct.

What would a Scream series even be? In this day and age, an anthology "Who is Ghostface this week?" approach seems way out of fashion. But what kind of long form storytelling can you get from a slasher, not to mention a meta slasher? Or does that aspect of Scream even matter anymore?

If the pilot is worth ordering a whole series over, Scream the TV Show will likely to air next summer. Who knows? Maybe a weekly slasher is just what the doctor ordered. This doctor: