New PACIFIC RIM Poster Might Step On You

But the last thing you see will be really cool.

I've been watching a lot of Kaiju films lately, and every new one I see raises my appreciation for what Pacific Rim aims to offer us little humans: a for real, state of the art Kaiju movie. It's kind of similar to what Cloverfield aimed to supply us, except this time we'll be able to actually see it, and I highly doubt Guillermo del Toro intends to just make a bunch of cool shit up without bothering to explain it.

This poster totally illustrates what I'm talking about. There's little point to it other than to promise: "Giant fucking robots, yo." But when your poster has a giant fucking robot, I don't see what more really needs to be said.

Del Toro can afford to show off one of his big robots because he has a bunch more in stock (most of which I think we've already seen). On top of that, we all know this is also a film about giant monsters. And there are humans in it, too. One of them is Idris Elba. According to Devin, there's a part where one of the Jaegers kits a Kaiju over the head with a tanker or something. This movie is the gift that keeps on giving, as far as badassery is concerned.