Badass Digest Episode 28.5: Horror Roundtable Extended Cut!

You asked for it, you got it - the longer cut of the horror roundtable discussion!

You guys, we did it! Enough people spoke up that Cinefix has released a longer cut of the horror roundtable episode featuring Brian Collins, Ryan Turek and Jace Anderson. It's almost twice as long as the original version, and it has quite a bit more meat on its bloody bones.

If you want to see more longform videos like this please share as widely as you can. Cinefix is looking to run videos that get views, and they're understandably hesitant to assign an editor to make multiple cuts if one of them doesn't get very many views. I want more long episodes - we're going to the Renn Faire tomorrow to shoot a fantasy movie episode, and I bet that would be great as a long one - but I need your support to make it happen. 

Please share this video, like the video on YouTube, leave a comment on the video at YouTube - anything that lets the suits at Cinefix know that the people want more!