Badass Digest Episode 30: Drunken Defense Of Michael Bay!

In what could be the least structured episode yet, Devin, Jeremy and Amy defend Michael Bay and sing the praises of

Here was the plan: We'd shoot a Summer Movie Preview roundtable at the Public House in Los Feliz, aka my local. After we were sufficiently drunk, we'd do a bonus episode where we would talk about Pain & Gain and discuss why Michael Bay is a better director than most people understand. We'd be drunk, it would be fun, it would be rowdy, etc. 

Well, we got really drunk. And things at the Public House weren't as chill as I had hoped. After some back and forth with the owner - he didn't like the size of our crew - we almost had to relocate to another location. We ended up staying, but by the end of the shoot somebody in the bar was sick of us, and the jukebox volume just kept creeping up. By the end of this segment the jukebox was flat out blasting, cutting us off way earlier in the discussion than we wanted. 

So maybe this isn't the perfect episode. Maybe it's a little unfocused and a little sloppy and ends a little abruptly. As always, Jeremy seems least drunk. Hopefully it's still fun. I know this: there are already YouTube comments filled with hate and bile! Mission accomplished, I guess.