New RED 2 Trailer A Step Down From The First

Not a big enough step to break any hips, fortunately.

This second trailer for Red 2 gives us tons more information about the film's plot, but it's also kind of not as great a trailer. Part of the problem is the almost - but not quite - identical use of gags we've already seen, but that speaks to the weirdness to the trailer's editing overall.

Even with this somewhat disappointing new trailer, I'm still totally excited to see Red 2. I loved the first one, and it's looking increasingly likely that this is the one and only place left where we can see Bruce Willis smile and have a good time. Plus, both John Malkovich and Helen Mirren's characters are worth watching even if the film around them is boring and perfunctory.

Anthony Hopkins joins the antics this time as yet another crazy person. The Korean lady from I Saw the Devil and G.I. Joe is playing the hotshot assassin who will somehow fail to kill all these old farts. And Catherine Zeta-Jones plays a really pretty lady just barely old enough to join in.

The true MVP of the first film was Mary Louise Parker. This trailer indicates that Red 2 knows that and acts accordingly. There are all kind of other goofy comedy bits to help smooth out all the dumb action bits. I doubt it'll be as charming and fun as the first Red film, but it might be worth seeing all the same.