The Weirdest STAR TREK Undergarments On Etsy

Etsy's all about equal opportunity nerd lingerie.

Last week I showed you the abundance of Star Wars corsets to be found on Etsy, but there's so much more geek underwear to absorb. I kind of can't stop searching for nerd property undergarments on Etsy. I'm not buying any of these, I promise! But someone should, because a lot of work went into this stuff. 

So on to the Star Trek skivvies: 

Up top: Communicator Pasties, from The Pastie Widow.

Uhm, this, from Wear Art Thou Now

Trekkie bikini, from Fit 2 Be Tied

More Star Trek pasties (big demand?), from Fanatic Fetale:

Dear God, even more pasties, from Goth Fox Designs

This male thong, from PM Treasure Chest

The lady thong, from Shop Miss Monica

This admittedly cool Star Trek vintage fabric panty set, from Bullets And Bees

Something notable - Star Trek doesn't inspire nearly as many corsets as Star Wars does. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! But here are a couple: 

Under-boob Star Trek comic corset, from Eleven Thirty Eight (who made one of the cuter Star Wars corsets of last week):

And this Star Trek uniform corset, from Emerald Angel

How will we ever choose?!