Final FAST & FURIOUS 6 Trailer Brings The NOS

It's like an aerial ballet.

So the final Fast & Furious 6 trailer has arrived. It's fun but comes at a time when I imagine everyone has already decided whether or not they want to see this film.

The trailer's narrative matches the first trailer almost identically, but this time it's paired with slightly different, slightly bigger visuals. Frankly, I would have preferred seeing this stuff for the first time on the big screen. But if they wanted to purchase my excitement with an image, the shot of Dom purposely launching himself to catch an already launched Letty, thus saving her both physically and through super heroic metaphor, is pure Fast & Furious awesomeness.

And speaking of Fast & Furious awesomeness (and reveals that maybe should been held back), this trailer brings us the return of NOS, the super magic car spinach of the Fast & Furious world. I could be wrong since I only saw the film three times, but this franchise element felt absent in Fast Five. Now it's back, and my heart is warmed.